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Artyom Kodinev
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Artyom Kodinev Грязный и сырой сладж от Миколаша, Хозяина Кошмара
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released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: mensis cage
something here is sacred
stopping power propelled into martyrdom
still on fire cauterized by

missionaries sentencing termites to
eternal rest inside the woodwork of
our bones that sleep in doubt
creating fissures left alone
will open doors to the untold

tendrils forthcoming
days we carve like notches into stone
imbibe the sanguine night
alive we ride in separate sides of
hearse to curse our names
until the sky eats us alive
Track Name: amygdala
birth denier
lovelessly supplied
carnal worms
in place of broken flesh
roots desire shelter
comfort in the ground
surface, center
surface underneath
surface uncertain
bound and blind
left to die
an abscess that can speak
Track Name: lvl 80 bloodtinge build full walkthrough
you're just like me
eyes inside
no need to see
i feel like you
do you feel like me
never feel separate
in the seconds we don't speak
don't brush your hair
don't forget my name
don't worry too much
don't wake up
you are my best friend
hard to say
hard to stay
Track Name: kos/kosm
i want to drown in the gully
pure of light
to spill no blood
wash away warmth
leave the earth untainted further
last thoughts of home
and the dreams
poured into me by impure night
only wretched it made
only wretches breathe as we taint
and feed from dark
our fingers bathe in anomaly corpses
porcelain cane to prod away
frailest structure
just touch would break
the floor is covered
bled feet, outward balance only
callous in my brain around
the space my dreams create
to die forsakes this place in vain
for reasons i know not nor need